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A few days ago I wrote this Twit: «Preparing new post. If you had to choose between working on a project or work with a group of people, what would you choose? Help».

It may seem like a trick question (said so @ruizdequerol and possibly it was). But with this post I wanted to flag up an idea: if you have to choose between (1) to continue a old project, and perhaps exhausted, but with trusted people, or (2) to start with a new and exciting project, but with people who do not know … how would you choose?

The answers I got from Twitter confirmed my suspicions: though many said that no projects without people (which is true), more than 70% put forward people the projects. Symptomatic.

It’s not a rhetorical question because of my former experiences. Long time ago, I left a company where I felt respected and valued (with people who trust me) searching new challenges for my professional career. The project did not go well and my new bosses put me very difficult to trust them. In the end, my former bosses and colleagues, opened to me the door again.

Similarly, long ago, a person who worked with me, told me he left the company in search of a professional project of their own, more challenging than the one we could offer at that time. Years later, with the passage of time, he told me the company that had left had closed the line of business for which he was hired, and in the end he had been deceived.

This is the debate: Do I leave the people with whom I identify and believe, to launch a new professional project, but with people who do not know of anything?

Some basic lines of thought:

  • «In the end, this is about people» – a colleague told me some days ago. It is people that make a project easy or difficult depending on your attitude, your generosity and your ability to share resources, information, successes and failures.
  • All projects begin and end, but people remain. In fact, think of how many projects launched in the last five years have been a success (and still today we managed) and how a failure (either by default or by explicit decision to do away with them).
  • In any relationship with people (whether in professional or private), there are better times and worse. Not everything is black, not everything is black. The important thing is that, as a whole, and in essence you can say it is worth working with so, this person I can trust.
  • The professional cycles are 5 years. Exceptionally, 10. At that time, almost everything begins again. Therefore, it is interesting to be around people you trust to start another cycle, albeit in different projects. Change projects and end the cycles, but we can be together launching projects.
  • Betting on people does not mean stagnation. You must take risks and tackle new projects. But that risk is lower if you take with people you trust.

With all this … what do I mean? Well, in my opinion, people are in front of and above the projects. The cycle ends, people stay. The projects begin and end, people are still there. Projects may be easier or more difficult, those who make them viable is people.

I would also say that if people you trust, for any reason disappear, you will have to step forward and seek new horizons. But in this new search, put people first. Let me a couple of anecdotes. One: a merger of two major financial institutions in Spain was aborted at the last minute because one of the signatories could not shake the doubts over the other. Second: two major companies in the communications industry merged, against all odds, because the two had to sign it, looked at each other, and they believed in each other.

I can not end this post by thanking the ideas I have the following people via Twitter @RSEOnline @angelluisrivera @mdacal @pablomartin78 @Timothywriting @JoseLavado @RealQueenPink @dasanru @gloralonso @EscuderoManu @Philintell @NeiraSchliemann @vgranper @PabloGdS @jose_alias @ruizdequerol @IMAGIAofficina @ccolell @davidbs @claritabazan @inakiarredondo @PabloGdS @trinipa @Diakonisa @nupizarrocas Thanks to all.

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