Have you got the XX factor?

Escrito el 6 junio 2013 por Elena Méndez Díaz-Villabella en Desarrollo profesional

cover“The XX Factor: How Working Women are creating a New Society” the controversial and ground-breaking new book by Professor Alison Wolf, claims an elite club of women have more in common with men than their own gender. Wolf suggests that, although some women have become far more equal to men, they are becoming much less equal to each other.

In her book, Wolf argues that there is a new group of women (15%-20%) for whom work is a major part of their identity, self-esteem and even pleasure: “Work is more fun than fun”.  The yearning for a meaningful outlet for their energy beyond domestic life, is what singles out the XX women, Wolf explains.

Alison Wolf highlights 8 ways to spot a “XX women”:

  1. Highly educated women share the work habits and job choices of their male counterparts.
  2. They are more likely to work full-time.
  3. They have less sex.
  4. They have fewer children.  For them, motherhood could be a major aspect of their lives, but not the only one.
  5. They marry someone with the same or very similar level of education and income.
  6. They go back to work soon after having children.
  7. They employ domestic help.
  8. They invest in the education of their children.

“XX women” love their jobs, which form a part of their identity, not just a source of income.

Wolf points out that it is not the gap between women and men that is widening: it is more the gap between highly and lesser educated women.  Wolf´s research shows that while a male graduate earns 45% more than a male non-graduate, female graduates can earn three times more than a woman without further education.

Take a look at the article: “Make Room at the Top” by Lynda Gratton from the Financial Times:

Alison Wolf’s approach through her book will not leave you feeling indifferent!

The new class war is woman vs. woman? The debate is now open



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